SIAFL Week 1 Results

SIAFL Week 1 Result

Bang Bang Pow!

52,00 touches, 41 goals, 6 yellow cards and 32 bruised egos, yep you guessed it, SIAFL is back!!

If you missed any of last nights action then shame on you!

But don’t worry, the season has only just started and there are plenty more matches to catch up with.

SIAFL Week 1 – Match Reports

Last nights SIAFL action was as expected, awesome! 10 teams battled it out for those all important 3 points.


Here’s a review of last nights football matches;

Tigers VS The Dragons

This was the match that everyone had written off even before the whistle blew.

The Tigers renowned for their quality players, speed and tactics were strong favourites.

The Dragons having struggled for players during the pre-season friendlies and having little time to prepare, were expected to receive a huge spanking.

However this was not the case. In a surprising turn of events, The Dragons started off strong and gave The Tigers a real challenge.

The Dragons held strong for nearly 80 minutes, even dominating at times from some excellent individual skills and team play.

Eventually however, The Tigers reminded us why they were 2nd place last season and saw the 90 minutes out with a victory.

Final score;

Tigers (5) Vs The Dragons (3)

The Lions VS Wild Geese

These two teams made a real impact last season growing in confidence as the season progressed.

Although finishing in 7th place last season, The Lions had an impressive pre-season and look very strong.

The Wild Geese finished 4th last season but having lost some key players from last year, it will be interesting to see how they get on during this season.

The match began as expected, the Wild Geese with their size and strength attacking strong and creating lots of early chances.

Towards the end of the first half The Lions found their rhythm, passing the ball well and looking deadly on the counter-attack.

The Lions got straight back to work when the whistle blew for the second half and took the lead early on with an impressive team goal.

From then on wards the Wild Geese struggled as the Lions kept coming and coming with many shots hitting the bar or going wide.

The final score;

The Lions (5) VS Wild Geese (2)

The Pests VS Sharks

The Pests and The Sharks held 5th and 6th place respectively last season and so both sides were looking to show improvement this year.

In SIAFL there is no such thing as an easy game and this was no exception.

After a rocky start to the match with many tough challenges and dirty tackles, The Sharks stole the lead.

The Sharks looked strong with good possession and some near misses.

The second half whistle blew and The Pests came out the gates strong.

Half way into the second half The Pest found their rythnm and their team work started to show with some great chances and near misses.

Both teams battled it out to the very end but exhaustion slowly crept in and the Sharked started to lose their grip.

The Final Score

The Pests (5) Vs The Sharks (3)

The Devils VS Lunatics

Last years winners, SZ Devils were facing almighty Lunatics in the first big match of the 2017 SIAFL season.

Blink and you’ve missed it! A game of two halves, this was a battle to the death!

Both teams eager to show their skills, this game was a back-and-forth competition that could easily have gone both ways.

The SZ Devils looked strong in the first half with some excellent team play and recycling of the ball to keep passion.

The Lunatics never a step behind kept a level head and always looked strong on the counter-attack.

Eventually after 80 minutes the SZ Devils looked tired and it was then that the Lunatics finally took the victory.

The Final Score

SZ Devils (1) Vs Lunatics (3)


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I didn’t see the Alpha Pro Vs Wolves game so i didn’t include this in the report, sorry for any inconvenience.